Who we are!

Our Story

Home to a UNESCO world heritage site, and a prominent marketplace and economic center that once stood at the crossroads of the Silk Road, Aleppo has always been a place where Business happened, and its several caravanserais (khans) have been for decades home to new business opportunities and ventures.

Today, the business landscape is changing; economic setbacks have had adverse effects on the city's business community, and doing business is no longer the easy task it used to be. Still, young people in Aleppo are building and innovating new business models, capturing on technologic opportunities, and unleashing a new potential for the city's business activity.

Yet, they need support: Aleppo is not the perfect ecosystem for innovators and entrepreneurs. Aside from legal restrictions, funding options are limited, business communities are scarce and rarely have a place to meet, business support and development activities are still immature, and no ventures are available for young people to gather, work, and network, making even bootstrapping a financial burden.

This is where we come in place. Aleppo Startup Khan tries to revive a history-old tradition in the city, and adapt it to local market needs and new business model requirements. We provide young freelancers and entrepreneurs with easy and cost-effective access to the basic services and facilities they need to operate; simplify legal procedures, cutting-down on foundation costs; and nurture an expanding network of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and investors.



To lead the growth and development of Aleppo's entrepreneurial ecosystem.


To create a supportive environment for young freelancers and entrepreneurs to work, network, and develop new business ventures and opportunities.